Sunday, January 29, 2012

Kitchen Utensil

One of my favorite subjects! I am a foodie! I love shopping
The East Village where I live.....
it is just down the steps from our city capital steps.
they have so many specialty stores one of them being a kitchen gadgets
store and a spice store. Where you can buy more spices
than you can imagine in bulk.
My favorite kitchen utensil ( to my
KitchenAid that I already photographed and any pampered chef or
Cuisinart item that I don't yet own. 
I love my wisk! It really should have it's own drawer in my kitchen! :)
Without this little handy dandy item ... my household would be lumpy!


  1. I could never see why anyone would want one of these, and then I got one. I couldn't agree more - lumps beware!!